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About Us

Who We Are

In 2013, a journey began with Marcus Malouf, a visionary armed with a pickup truck, a toolbox full of stories, and an unyielding passion for excellence. With a horticulture education and determination, he forged ahead, laying the foundation for something extraordinary. Our mission beats at the heart of our story – crafting landscapes that reflect dreams, a commitment to service, and the unmistakable touch of craftsmanship. We are more than landscapers; we are architects of natural beauty and creators of thriving environments. Rooted in Growth, Ownership, Integrity, Team, and Innovation, our values breathe life into every project. 

What sets us apart?

We invest in people, nurture our community, and curate with nature. Our nurturing spirit isn’t just in the landscapes we craft, but in the lives we touch. From our two-acre sanctuary, a nursery brimming with possibilities, to the energy that buzzes in our office, we’re alive with purpose. Empowered by a team of remarkable individuals, we raise the bar high. Always striving, always evolving. As we celebrate a decade of remarkable transformations, we wear our Best of Long Beach 2023 title with pride. It’s the trust of those who walk this journey with us that fuels our fire. Over 150 5-star testimonials shine a light on what we cherish the most – the smiles we bring, the dreams we realize. This is not just a story. It’s a testament to resilience, innovation, and the promise of boundless growth. We’re not just landscapers. We are creators of joy, artists of change, and guardians of your world’s beauty. Join us in painting vibrant stories on the canvas of your landscape.

About Us
About Us

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  •   So happy with the paver job they did in my backyard. Will definitely hire again for the next project great communication, employees and customer service

    thumb Michelle N.

      I'm editing my review just a little bit. I'm still overall happy with the end result but during the process they installed a chipped pony wall top and they'd promise... read more

    thumb Harrier T.

      Our backyard needed a lot of TLC, Marcus's crew cleaned up a ton of weeds, trimmed our trees, pulled down a huge chunk of vines off our garage, and left... read more

    thumb Haley B.

      We had a great experience with MC Landscaping. We removed grass for a drought tolerant garden and everything went smoothly. They did a high quality design and install and easily... read more

    thumb Arcel C.

      New Front and Backyard

    Marcus and Leo from MC Landscaping helped us update our front and backyard. They were patient through the design phase and had great suggestions... read more

    thumb Jeffrey G.

      I recommend working with Mc Landscape. Marcus listened to what I wanted to do, not what he wanted to do. The team worked fast and they kept me updated.... read more

    thumb Qb C.
  •   Marcus of MC Landscaping gave a great presentation to our board of directors, came in as the low bid out of 5! The quality of work was excellent and required... read more

    thumb Terri B.

      My husband and I were so pleased with MC Landscaping. Marcus and Leo were so attentive and really listened to our vision. Marcus let us know up front if our... read more

    thumb Jen H.

      MC landscaping did a great job in my backyard. I had ask around on prices and read reviews from other companies and I end up going with MC landscaping and... read more

    thumb Silvia Gabriela L.

      Make sure one of your calls is to MC Landscaping for home exterior. We envisioned front and back attractive habitats focused on California native plants and other drought tolerants.... read more

    thumb Bruce T.

      So happy I called MC Landscaping to help with our backyard project! Marcus came out and gave us design ideas, plant recommendations, and a price breakdown on our very first... read more

    thumb Nicholle A.

      I used MC Landscaping LLC to redo my backyard with weed block fabric, mulch and gravel, and also widened a portion of my driveway with a concrete extension. I could... read more

    thumb T. M.
  •   No words for how great this team is. My husband and I on a whim tore up our front planter beds without a plan on next steps - and... read more

    thumb Amber M.

      I had two leaky landscaping pipes today. They came out for an estimate in the morning and fixed later in the afternoon. Great service.

    thumb chef G.

      Leo and his team did a wonderful job relandscaping our back yard and updating the front yard (planting, sprinklers, some decomposed granite, and lighting). Leo explained the work to... read more

    thumb Linda R.

      Excellent company. We started with Amber who designed our yard and consulted with my wife to select the plants and trees. She was awesome to work with and really knows... read more

    thumb Mike S.

      I called MC landscaping and made an appointment to have someone come out to speak to them about redoing my yard. They came out the next day. And was I... read more

    thumb Renee Y.

      I used MC Landscaping LLC to redo my backyard with weed block fabric, mulch and gravel, and also widened a portion of my driveway with a concrete extension. I could... read more

    thumb T. M.

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