The Proportion of Plants vs. The Scale of Your Home

When designing your ideal landscape, it’s easy for many to simply go for plants they like without understanding how they may look once on the property. Many plants can look out of place when placed next to your home. Understanding the proportion of plants compared to your home’s scale is an essential element in making optimal design choices.

Today we’ll discuss how the scale of your home and the proportion of the selected plants can affect the final design of your landscape.

Consider the Buildings

You’ll need to consider more than the size of the home when designing your landscape. Single-story houses, multiple-story houses, homes with attached vs. detached garages, and even the type of roof of the buildings must be considered when selecting plants for your landscape design.

While the most notable aspect of a building is its size, one-story, two-story, etc., you should also consider the building’s colors, the type of roof used, and the overall size of the outer walls. If repainting the exterior is within the budget, you can better match the species of plants you use to give your property a sense of balance and unity.

Tree Selection

When selecting trees for your landscape design, you’ll want to aim for shorter trees if you have a single-story home. The Western Redbud is a reasonably fast-growing tree that grows approximately 12-20 feet high, making it an excellent option for smaller homes. Acacia aneura can get as tall as 35-50 feet tall.

Tree Location

Although many homes would look amazing with a lovely tree next to them, you need to ensure the location you choose to plant those trees is appropriate. After all, nature can grow however it wishes, and roots can cause issues if a tree is planted too close to the main property. As a rule of thumb, you’ll want to plant most trees between 10 and 20 away from your foundation. This isn’t the only placement you need to keep in mind. When planting any tree, do your best to avoid any plumbing. Sprinklers and sewage plumbing are run underground and can easily be damaged by tree roots. If it’s needed to plant near these pipes, you may need to use a growth barrier. These can be made of metal or wood, preventing roots from damaging your sewage pipes. Alternatively, you could select trees and shrubs without invasive root systems.

Outdoor Lighting

Some outdoor lighting will remain the same, such as path and accent lighting. Lighting can be cast differently on two-story homes than on single-story homes. Spotlights can be used to accent features, but their shadows can make them vanish. A two-story home can add additional lights and angles that would be difficult to show with single-story houses. 

Living Walls

A Living wall is a popular design feature for many homeowners. The reason is it’s a feature that can be used effectively in single-story and multiple-story homes. They can help reduce the ambient temperature.

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