Your Homes Architecture and Your Landscaping Selection

When you design your ideal landscape many times for the best results, you need to consider the property’s architecture. For many, they first think about their favorite plants and trees, and they disregard if they’ll look good on the property. While it’s ok to choose your favorite plants, you may have to consider changing the architecture of your property to make sure your plants look home on your property.

Today we’ll review some of the critical components you should consider about your home’s architecture when selecting your landscape design.

Lines Matter

Your home’s architectural lines must be considered to produce a desirable result. While we’re not saying to rebuild your home to match your landscape design, we are saying to view your home’s lines to accent your landscape design. As an example, if your home has many straight lines. Straight lines give a sense of order and symmetry but can also be considered stiff and boring. You can either select long straight plants to maintain balance and order, or you can choose lightweight plants to soften the edges of the lines by adding texture and movement. Lines can also be used to produce a  more naturalistic effect. As we know, in nature, lines are rarely straight, and by adding wandering lines and plants with organic bends, you can create a design that contrasts the straight lines and unnatural angles of your home to tone down the appearance.

Lines in the landscape design are not just limited to plants and homes. You can incorporate this design scheme into the rest of the landscape. Pathways, planters, and other hardscapes can amplify the concept you choose based on the theme of your landscape design.

Materials and texture

While not necessary to match the materials exactly from home to landscape, you should always keep it in mind when designing your landscape. The material you choose can make a massive difference in your landscape. Common materials include wood, bricks, and stone. You may also need to keep in mind any outdoor furniture as well.  Like all other design choices, keeping similarities from the home to the landscape can make the property feel whole. For example, if your home uses red brick walls, consider using more red brick on garden beds or walkways. 

Textures are more challenging to incorporate but not impossible. The surface can stay the same in a home, but in a landscape, textures can change depending on the weather and season. Ideally, you want to match a similar consistency of the house to the plants you have selected. For example, a smooth white finish on the home can look great with peace lilies, although they bloom more often during late spring or early summer.

Colors and Lighting

Color can tie together a landscape to the home in many different ways. The hardscape’s color should complement the home and vice-versa. Try to avoid contrasting colors, as they can create unpleasant scenes. Colors combinations like greens and oranges or purples and yellows, although they stand out, don’t look good to the eyes. Something many people fail to consider is lighting. While you have natural light during the day, it can create shadows that change how some colors are viewed. At night, the moon’s natural light can change the shade of some dyes. If you decide to use outdoor lighting for the evenings, you must understand that artificial light has its shades of colors. For example, daylight bulbs, typically labeled “daylight” or 50,000k, will mimic the color of light produced by the sun and can be jarring to look at, at night. Softer colors, such as 35,000k or 40,000k, produce a warmer light, often called yellow. This can be easier on the eyes but can change how other colors are perceived.

How would you feel with a designed yard to fit your unique home and personality?

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