Are you Interested in a Water Feature as Part of Your Landscape Design?

Just because the work at your Property is complete, doesn’t mean the work is done. Although you can hire the same company that did your work to do maintenance on your landscape, in between visits it’ll be up to you to keep your landscape looking vibrant and healthy.

Especially for plants that require specific watering needs that can’t be provided by a sprinkler system you’ll want to invest in fine touch watering tools.

Today we’ll go over some of these tools that you can use to help make yard work something relaxing and enjoyable.

Watering Can

Naturally the most iconic tool is a watering can, however don’t let the simplicity of the tool fool you. A watering can, can be an essential tool when gardening especially if there isn’t a hose nearby. Though watering cans deliver water in small drips rather than a heavy stream you would get from a garden hose. Whether it’s a vegetable garden or a flower garden, watering cans are a great way to provide your plants with just enough water to keep them healthy without the use of a sprinkler system. 

For parents, watering the garden with a watering can, can be a fun activity to do with their kids to teach them how to care for plants and flowers.

Water Wand

Much like a watering can, a water wand is used to deliver water more gently than just sticking your thumb on the end of a hose. Unlike a watering can, a water wand does require a garden hose to attach to. Though a major benefit of a water wand is that it more closely mimics rainfall. The spray is effective yet gentle enough to not destroy fragile seedlings, sprouts and flowers. The length of the wand allows for you to be able to water plants at the root without having to hurt your knees bending or crouching. It can also be used to water taller plants without the need of a step stool or ladder.

Garden Hose Nozzle

Though more of a generic watering tool compared to the water wand, the adjustable garden hose nozzle is commonly used in many homes. While doing the same jobs that a water wand does, an adjustable hose nozzle can be useful outside of just your garden bed usually because it can provide more water pressure. This water pressure can be useful when spot cleaning in between landscape maintenance visits, or removing pests from your vegetable garden without using chemicals.

Watering Globes

Not everyone has the time to water their plants daily, nor do they find it relaxing or enjoyable. Lucky watering globes can help give your plants water automatically without the need to physically go out and do it yourself. Though you’ll have to monitor the amount of water in the globes to make sure your plants don’t dry out. Fortunately many water globes retain liquids for 7 to 14 days depending on the size you choose. Watering globes can also add a splash of color  and liveliness to some plants, or you can purchase clear globes so as to not take away from the focal plant. Though lighter on maintenance than watering your plants daily, a water globes still needs to be cleaned regularly to make sure the opening is not impacted with soil though an agreement can be made with a landscaping maintenance company to inspect during their scheduled maintenance.

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