Long Beach Lawn to Garden Program

Are you looking to save money on your water bill while maintaining a beautiful garden?

The Long Beach lawn-to-garden program aims to do just that. You’ll get help paying for a professional landscape design that is part of the Long Beach lawn-to-garden program. All lawn-to-garden projects are eligible to receive money back for removing thirsty lawns.

Lawn-to-garden projects have a few goals in mind to help keep Long Beach looking amazing while being water efficient. Today we’ll go over some of the program’s core elements and why you should consider being a part of it.

Water Conservation

Although this winter has brought plenty of rain, we are still not out of the drought. And because our imported water supplies have become permanently reduced, the water we do have needs to be used more efficiently. The lawn-to-garden program aims to replace water-thirsty lawns with plants native to California or plants that can thrive in California’s current climate. Lawn to garden landscapes aims to reduce water use by about 70% per square foot. Using efficient irrigation systems helps you to keep tabs on how much water is getting used and helps you make sure you’re not wasting water unnecessarily.

Using rainwater more efficiently also is important when trying to conserve water. Installing stormwater retention features allows you to collect and store rainwater during dryer days. This can help keep your landscaping looking beautiful year-round while saving money on that water bill. 

Saving the Local Environment

A major goal of Long Beach’s lawn-to-garden program is to promote the growth and support of the local ecosystems through the use of California native flower plants. These plants are drought-resistant and water efficient, each lawn to garden project will have at least 65% of the landscape covered with plant material, and of that 65%, at least 10% will be covered by the aforementioned California native or flowering plants.

These plants and flowers are perfectly suited for our climate and often require little to no watering once they have become established. Using native plants in your garden brings the classic Californian beauty to your landscape while also helping preserve the local ecosystems. 

Saving Time and Money

Another benefit to Long Beach’s lawn-to-garden program is saving you time and money. Maintaining a healthy lawn is time-consuming. Especially if you do all your maintenance, this means you need to water consistently, reseed, or re-sod whenever there are brown patches. By switching over to a native garden, you’ll reduce your overall water use for your landscape, saving money in the long run.

Lawn-to-garden projects reduce the time you need to maintain your landscape. Many plants will thrive with little to no input from your end. Equipping your landscape with an efficient irrigation controller allows you to enjoy your garden without worrying about watering.

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