Lover of Birds? Landscape Design that Can Welcome them to Your Garden

Do you love birds but find it difficult to make the time to go on dedicated bird watching trips?

Did you know you can design a naturalistic landscape that can bring the beautiful birds of your area to your own back or front yard.

Join me as we discover how you can transform your yard from a generic yard into a paradise for birds and bird lovers alike.

Design Theme

When you make an appointment with our designers, keep in mind the theme of your landscape. Oftentimes for naturalistic designs we’ll recommend rounded bed lines as they’re more natural than straight edges. Keep in mind if you want to attract birds you’ll need to consider how the landscape will look from above not just surface level. Birds love seeing dense vegetation, and layered foliage.

Using round shapes is nothing new and is often used without a natural design in mind. Wildlife sees round shapes and circles as a natural shape. In nature everything from berries to flowers appear round.

Native Plants

If you are looking to attract birds native to southern California it’s only natural to have a native landscape using local grown and regional plants,trees and grass. Having exotic plants that look attractive to us may dissuade local birds as they may not recognize those plants and instead avoid your yard. Birds will recognize native plants like sunflowers or black elderberry shrubs as a healthy food source or safe shelter.

Consider that for birds to feel safe they prefer plants to be layered, dense, and diverse. The smaller birds will want to hide and feel safe from other wildlife or stray cats. Denser vegetation is also more suitable for birds to nest in which can turn your yard into a permanent residence for some of your local birds.

An additional benefit of having native plants in your landscape is that since they are native to our climate, they can thrive even during heavy droughts. With plants that are accustomed to the local weather means you can give birds a home year round, while also conserving water during droughts and saving money on your water bill.

Features Birds Love

Having a natural looking and inviting landscape is the main thing that will attract birds. However if you want to enjoy watching them consider installing a few key features that nearly every bird enjoys.

Birds love to bathe, they need it to clean their feathers from dust and debris. Not to mention they need to cool down after a hot day too.

Although native plants provide food and shelter it’s a good idea to incorporate bird feeders with bird seed or nectar to attract more birds. Since bugs and insects are also a healthy food source, plan for your landscape to use minimal pesticides.

Not all birds make nests in trees to increase the amount of birds visiting your yards, try including bird houses into the landscape. These are often used by swallows, sparrows and even some bluebird species.

Would you like to improve your landscaping?

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