Outdoor Furniture as Part of Your Overall Landscape Design Goals

With spring right around the corner, people are going to have more outdoor gatherings.

Why not incorporate outdoor furniture when designing your landscape?

Outdoor furniture allows for you to essentially have another room, just outdoors. Just imagine a living room where the walls are outdoors, the roof is the sky, and the light is the sun. Then when the sun sets, a fire pit can be your chimney.

Today we’ll go over how to set up the ideal outdoor living space when designing your landscape.

Eating Areas

When selecting chairs and tables for eating areas you’ll need to select the appropriate material. The reason being is when furniture is outdoors it is subjected to the sun damage, wind, and potential rain. Unless the materials are designed to be outdoors, they won’t last very long. Some of the most common types of materials are aluminum, plastic, wicker and a variety of woods.

Aluminum and plastic furniture will typically last longer than organic materials. Aluminum is an incredibly durable material which does not rust or rot. It’s a light material that is easy to maintain, and when taken care of can look amazing and last for years. However with so many upsides it can be fairly expensive though many consider it well worth it.

If the look and feel of organic materials is preferable, wood is still viable. Though not as durable as aluminum there are some woods that can endure the outdoors. The preferred woods will have one of two properties. Either a soft wood such as cypress, redwood or cedar which have natural moisture-wicking properties allowing them to withstand the rotting from humidity. Alternatively hardwoods such as ipe, mahogany and teak are strong and long lasting due to their density and natural oils. 

For an inexpensive solution, there is also plastic. Though not the first choice for many, the variety, versatility and longevity of plastic cannot be understated.

Fire Pit

Fire pits are an amazing gathering place for late nights under the stars. In addition, a fire pit can be designed to be used as a cooking grill. However, each city and county has different ordinances for building fire pits. Be sure to keep them in mind when designing your landscape.

Cast iron fire pits are some of the most common and affordable fire pits on the market. They often use wood or charcoal as fuel and make a great feature for gathering. Though if you want to avoid the smoke associated with burning wood, you can have a fire pit designed with a natural gas line so you never run out of fuel. Other options for fuel include propane and gel which burn cleaner than wood but need to be refilled when the fuel runs out.

Gathering Areas

Depending on the size of your yard you might incorporate an area for relaxing within your overall landscape such as incorporating adirondack chairs, patio swings or a hammock. If your property is lucky enough to have a good view, take advantage of it and create a space where you can enjoy the surroundings. The idea is to have an area where you or your guests can get away from the noise of the city to sit and relax. Or if you prefer, simply enjoy a drink while reading a good book.

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