Landscape Lighting Options

Landscapes can look amazing once complete but don’t forget that at night it won’t be visible without incorporating some landscape lighting. When designing your dream landscape you need to remember that you’ll want to be able to admire it after dark, not just during the day.  

Luckily there are a few options available to choose from when it comes to lighting. From DIY (do it yourself) friendly options to solar powered or hardwired lights low voltage LED lighting systems. Let’s explore what option you have to be able to appreciate your landscape design in the evening. 

Different Types of Landscape Lighting

If from the beginning you have an idea of how you want your landscape to look after the sun goes down, make sure to let our designer know about it when discussing your concept. We offer a variety of low voltage LED lighting system features which include more than just lighting up the plants. We can provide the following:

  • Pathlights
  • Uprights
  • Spotlight
  • Wall Wash Lights
  • Palm Tree Spotlights
  • Stair Lighting
  • Flag Lighting
  • Color Changing Lights
  • Wifi/Smart Controlled Lighting System

At MC Landscaping LLC, we understand that you are investing resources and time into making your project come to life. We work closely with top rated professionals with years of experience in order to bring your vision to light, day or night. 

Lighting What Matters

Lighting up your landscape may seem simple at first, however it’s a bit more involved that at first glance. Although you may think you want the entire landscape to be visible at night, you may need to consider the color of the light, the position of the light, how long the lights will be on after dark, what feature is going to be visible and even the shadow casted by the feature.

Depending on the landscape design you may want more path or stair light to illuminate where you or your guests are walking. Perhaps you want a spotlight on some beautiful trees. Or want to change the color of your landscape lights to match the season. A smart controlled light system can help you change the color of the lights or when they turn on or off with just your smartphone .The possibilities are endless.


If you decide to do the lighting yourself, in today’s age of information there is almost always that option. Usually the DIY option is a bit simpler than when done by professionals but rewarding in its own way nonetheless. 

You can find many solar powered landscaping lights with either the solar panel attached to the light itself or a kit with the solar panel can be set up away from the landscape to power up a few spotlights. However you are limited by the available options, making it difficult to highlight some of the landscape.

If you have an outdoor service outlet it’s possible to use some plug in LED lights. These usually don’t require electrical experience and typically are plug and play. Though you won’t be able to escape getting your hands dirty as you’ll want to hide any cables in the mulch or soil to get a clean look.

Would you like to improve your landscaping?

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Your project is carefully managed by our team of experts. Whether you are looking to turn your front yard into a showpiece or creating the backyard of your dreams we are here to help. Fill out our Landscape Design request for a landscaping redesign and remember to ask about our lighting options. Feel free to call us at (562) 225-9460 or get a free quote for the project you have in mind.