Should you Paint Your Lawn?

Drought has changed the way lawn can be taken care of and how to best help them survive water restrictions.

Options for Lawns To Be Drought Resistance

Did you know there is a way to keep your lawn green while saving water? The majority of LA county has been in a severe drought for the last month according to And with the drought predicted to continue for the time being, the stress to your lawn with the heat and irregular waterings may cause it to brown.

Maybe you should look into painting your lawn, the idea of painting your lawn as though it were a wall inside your home can seem odd to many homeowners. But it conserves water, and is far more commonly done than you may imagine. Did you know that because golf courses need to keep their grass green year round, golf courses often paint their turf when it becomes dry and brown.

Today we’ll share some of the reasons why in Los Angeles County painting your lawn has increased in popularity.

An Innovative Solution to Care for Your Lawn

As watering limitations are implemented in Long Beach CA to watering twice per week, many lawns begin to suffer as they begin to dry out due to the heat and lack of moisture. Not everyone has the ability to re-sod drought resistant grass that can thrive under these conditions. And many drought resistant lawns still have a dormancy period during the winter when they’ll begin to dry out as well.

Depending on the rate of growth and mowing, painting your lawn with green turf colorants can last for up to 3 months. Regardless of if your lawn is going through a dormancy period, fighting disease or pests, green lawn paint will keep your lawn looking healthy. Getting your lawn painted is not only an affordable service, it saves time and money by not needing to fertilize, water or maintain your lawn as often you would traditionally.

What is Grass Paint Made of?

When we say paint your lawn, we don’t mean buy a can of spray paint and get started. Though the process is similar, grass paint is nothing like the typical paint you buy at the paint department of a home improvement store. The product is called “turf paint” or “turf colorant”, it’s a non-toxic pigment made of dyed pulverized stone or decaying plants. It is pet friendly and lays on the surface of  your grass giving it a boost in color while recovering to its natural green. The paint doesn’t block out the sun’s light giving you peace of mind knowing you’re not doing any further damage to your lawn.

Benefits of Painting Your Lawn

Painting your lawn is a short term solution that mainly is used to cover up or hide imperfections in your lawn. It can hide climate stress, aging, discoloration while leaving you with a beautiful green color you enjoy. This is meant to be a temporary fix while you seek more permanent solutions, waiting for your grass to leave its dormancy period, or simply to cover up spots caused by dog urine, disease, or dry patches. Even the best kept lawns have to deal with some issues occasionally and having an immediate solution reduces stress while dealing with the issue. 

By painting your lawn you can reduce the use of your sprinkler system. Saving you money on your water bill and avoiding water run off. Sprinklers are a great tool to use when trying to save time, but aren’t very efficient and typically use far more water than necessary.

Everyone is looking to save money, and lawn care can be expensive and time consuming. In some cases dealing with browning lawns can be too much to handle and homeowners opt to pay to have sod installed. With grass paint you get the vibrant green color back while you deal with the root problem of your lawn.

The benefits of painting your lawn go further than just the grass itself. It makes the house look appealing year round. It gives instant curb appeal if you’re looking to rent or sell the home. It can be re applied as needed and is very do it yourself (DIY) friendly however, if you’re not experienced you should hire a professional service to reduce overspray as the turf paint can be permanent.

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