Spring Tips to Keep Your Landscaping Vibrant in Long Beach

Spring is finally here!

And with it comes bright new vibrant growth in our yards. To make sure your yard starts the season with the best chances of looking amazing for the rest of the year, there are a few things you need to take care of first. 

Today we will share our top 5 springtime tips to keep your Long Beach landscaping looking great.

Spring Cleaning

With so much rain coming down last season, there is undoubtedly some spring cleaning that needs to be done. Granted, a landscaping company can take care of the cleaning and maintenance for you, but if you have chosen a more “DIY” approach to your landscaping, it’s time to get your hands dirty.

This means eliminating unwanted weeds and plants that can affect your garden. Remove debris from your rain gutters and make sure they’re not leaking. Trim edges from grassy areas that border walkways to better define your landscape. You want to make sure your soil gets warmed up by the sun. This promotes better seed germination and overall landscape health.

Pruning and Clipping

Pruning your trees and shrubs has two main objectives. The first is removing dead or dying branches to allow the plant to grow healthy. The second reason is to maintain the desired shape of the plant. Some trees can benefit from heavier pruning every few years to promote more growth. If you’re unsure if your trees would benefit from more severe pruning, a knowledgeable landscaping company can always help.

Your lawn also needs to be trimmed, likely under 3 inches. Any taller grass stalks can rot due to too much moisture. Mowing low can also remove debris that accumulates during the winter. This exposes the soil to more sunlight which can help germinate grass seeds for the spring. But be weary, as this can also promote the growth of weed seeds.

Adding Nutrients

Spring is a great time to add more nutrients to your soil. This can be done with liquid or granular fertilizers or organic compost. The goal is to replenish nutrients in the soil that the plants need to grow. Though in a vegetable garden, you’ll want to add specific nutrients depending on the crops you plan to grow. 

Replenish the Mulch

This time of the year is an excellent opportunity to check on the mulch in your landscape. Mulch can slowly add nutrients to the soil as it decomposes, reduce water evaporation which helps conserve water, smother unwanted weeds, and can help retain warmth to help seeds germinate and grow. Ideally, you want a  layer that is 2 to 3 inches deep. If your mulch is lower than 2 inches, it’s time to add more.


Because lawns continue to grow yearly, many homeowners don’t realize that the grass eventually builds a barrier of thick organic matter made up of a buildup of interwoven decomposing and living grass shoots, stems, and roots. A thin layer of thatch is healthy for any lawn, but if your layer is over 2 inches thick, it may cause problems. It can make your property more susceptible to disease and environmental stress, making it more difficult to tolerate drought, cold, and heat.

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