Pros and Cons of a Pond as Part of Your Landscaping Design

Featuring a pond in your landscaping brings an amazing calmness to your home that you can enjoy year round. Especially in Southern California where you don’t need to worry about water freezing. Ponds aren’t for everybody but if you have the space for it, love the sounds and visuals appeal it can bring, you should consider installing one. A pond can take advantage of otherwise empty space in your yard or garden. 

Like many things in this world there are some pros and cons of having a pond in your landscaping design.Today we’re going to go through some of them with the hopes that by the end of it you can decide if a pond is the right choice for you. 


A major positive for a pond is it’s a power design element that draws immediate attention. The visual appeal of a pond can be the single most aesthetically pleasing feature you can add to your landscape. In some areas a pond can also increase your property’s value.

With a pond you can incorporate Koi, Goldfish, turtles and other aquatic animals to your yard. Incorporating a pond can be both lively and calming, because you have a little bit of nature in your own backyard.

When you design a pond for your property, you have creative freedom to add as much or as little as you’d like. You can decide on a minimalist approach with just a body of water, a quiet internal filter, a few plants and goldfish to give you a simple yet beautiful addition to your garden. Or you can get all the bells and whistles; waterfalls, plants, koi, and hardscape. Outside of a budget, the only limit to a pond design is your imagination.

A well maintained pond can give you that luxury of relaxing in nature without leaving your home.  


Unfortunately any man made body of water will require some level of maintenance. For a backyard pond this means cleaning filters, testing water conditions, feeding fish, trimming plants and making sure the water level doesn’t get too low due to evaporation. Although this can seem like too much work for those with busy schedules, many people enjoy maintaining their ponds as a hobby. If you choose to have your pond maintained professionally the costs of maintaining a pond can be a deal breaker for some. As you need to include the cost of water, food and professional care.

When designing a pond you need to be aware of your local wildlife, although a pond can bring in beautiful wild birds to drink and bathe in the water. Bodies of water also attract mosquitos which can be a nuisance. You can stock your pond with fish to eat the pests but stocking your pond with fish can attract unwanted animals like birds of prey, racoons, stray cats and other animals that see the fish in your pond as a potential meal.

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