Front Lawn vs. Rear Yard, Should there be Cohesion in Landscape Design?

Can your backyard and front lawn design be completely separate from each other?

Should your front yard have a similar design and theme to your backyard?

Landscape design is different for everyone. Some customers choose to have matching landscapes, others keep their front lawns focused on curb appeal, and their backyards are more personal. 

Today we’ll explore your options when designing your front lawn and backyard and how to add cohesion to landscape design while keeping both sides different.


Timing is vital when designing your landscaping. Not everyone can have work done on both the front lawn and backyard at the same time. This can add challenges, especially when trying to have matching landscapes. Depending on the season, some plants, trees, or grass may not look as lively or vibrant as the established plants.

Ideally, if you want to have your front lawn and backyard design match, you’ll want to get them done simultaneously. If this isn’t possible, understand that there may be some differences during the initial setup; however, after the plants become established in the hardscape, the cohesion of both yards should begin to match.

If you keep your designs different, you can work on the front of your house separately from the back with minimal issues. That’ll help you decide if you want to keep the backyard completely distinct from the front or if you want to introduce cohesion between the two.

Front Yard Design

Your front yard landscaping design doesn’t necessarily need to match your backyard. Many homeowners like to use their front yards to increase the curb appeal of their homes. A well-designed front yard should ideally highlight some of your home’s best features. Include a focal point or “hero plant” with supporting elements such as flower beds that complement the house’s color and lush hedges. Your front lawn should be welcoming and naturally guide visitors to the front door. This can increase the curb appeal and make your home stand out.

Backyard Design

While many see the front lawn, your backyard is a bit more private. You can design your backyard landscaping by hosting events, gardening, relaxing, and bird watching for those who love birds. This doesn’t mean your front and back yard don’t have to match either. There are many ways to make two completely different designs feel cohesive.

Bringing them Together

A simple way to keep cohesion between your front and back yards is by incorporating similar colors. Mulch is a common color element that ties the front lawn and backyard together, and flower beds and plants that produce similar-colored flowers are a great way to connect on both sides of your home. When flowers begin to bloom, the connection is more prominent. Using a similar hardscape can also bring cohesion. You share elements such as the same brick for walls and accents, decorative stones, or even a matching pathway to your front and back door. During the evening, a simple tip for bringing the front and back yards together is to illuminate typical hardscapes, features, and plants that are shared among both sides.

How would you feel with a yard expressly designed to fit your unique home and personality?

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