Paint Your Lawn to Be Water Conscious

During fall and winter you may have spotted people painting either their lawns or golf courses  and wondered, what are they doing?

It’s very likely their lawns are beginning to show imperfections due to the changing seasons and are painting their grass to hide them. During the colder seasons, some landscaping companies offer their customers to paint their lawn. 

This isn’t just to hide brown spots and be water conscious but also to keep the appeal of a vivid green lawn during cold or dry seasons.

What exactly is lawn pain?

Unlike  automotive spray paint, which is toxic to plants and animals, lawn paint typically consists of 100% biodegradable pigments that coat the grass and can protect it from the changes in weather, or used to hide damage caused by pets, and pests.

Join me as we explore why homeowners are choosing to paint their lawns, and the benefits that come with it.

Benefits of Painting Your Lawn

Painting your lawn is a quick and easy solution that is typically used to hide imperfections in your lawn such as dog urine, dry patches or disease. 

If you are one of the many Californians that decided to use drought tolerant grass, you’ll know that during the autumn and winter seasons your lawn begins to go into a dormancy period where it looks like it’s dying. No matter how much you water it, it’s not going to continue to grow during this time. This is to be expected with drought tolerant grasses. 

If your grass isn’t the drought tolerant variety, painting your lawn can mitigate climate stress and discoloration temporarily, giving you more time to find a more permanent solution whether it’s to amend your soil, re sod, or re seed.

Painting your lawn doesn’t only affect how your lawn looks, but allows your home to look appealing year round. Maintaining curb appeal if you are interested in renting, selling or simply enjoy your landscape design.

Painting Your Lawn to Conserve Water

When you paint your lawn, you not only get the lush green desired color it can vastly reduce the use of your sprinkler system for the season. This’ll save you money on your water bill by avoiding unnecessary water run off. Though sprinklers can be a great tool to save time, traditional sprinkler systems aren’t as efficient at conserving water even when using automatic timers. Drip irrigation is better for conserving water, however water you don’t use is water you’ve conserved.

Lawn maintenance and care though economical can be time consuming. By having your lawn painted it can give you the freedom of time to find an appropriate solution instead of re-sodding the damaged area. Lawn paint lets you get the vibrant green you desire while fighting disease, pests or waiting for your drought tolerant grass to leave its dormancy period.

Should you Paint your Lawn?

If you are looking to save money, heal your lawn or conserve water, painting your lawn is definitely a great solution. There are plenty of do it yourself (DIY) options for lawn paint at your garden centers or home improvement stores if you prefer to do things hands on. Though if you’re not experienced, you’ll need to be careful as overspray can permanently stain. Hiring a professional service can result in little to no overspray which can keep your mind at ease.

An alternative option is to replace grass altogether. Native plants are accustomed to our Southern California weather and should thrive even during droughts. Alternatively you can opt for biodegradable, pet friendly artificial turf which never requires watering and will look lush and green year round. 

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